Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maybe if I blog about it, it will get better...

So about a month ago, something happened. Someone broke into our house and stole my laptop and $120. Out of everything in our house, that was it. So on some level, I feel fortunate. There are so many other things that could have been taken, but they were not. On another level, I am very angry and hurt and sad. My laptop had my LIFE on it! All my pictures, music, things I've done for work...GONE! Things that are irreplaceable. And what's worse is, I was planning on backing everything up the weekend that it happened...stupid on my part.

The problem with this situation is simple. I feel like it had to have been someone we knew b/c of what was taken and the time of day that it happened. I mean, come on. We have TVs, gaming systems, a desktop PC...and the only thing they took was my laptop and money from Seth. They knew what they wanted and where it was b/c the money was not in plain sight. AND they took the power cord for the laptop, but took out my iPod cord out of the computer and left it sitting on my desk. Really. Thanks for being thoughtful and leaving that, but with my laptop you took my iTunes...WITH ALL OF MY MUSIC FOR MY IPOD!

I am not a person who holds grudges by nature, but I can't seem to let this go. There are HOURS worth of work gone that I have to redo. I've slowly but surely been getting my music back. My pictures are completely and totally gone, and I'm STILL kicking myself. I am angry, hurt, disappointed..and I have no where to channel that. I don't know what to do with these emotions. And yes, it is over something semi-silly. But then again, it's not silly at all to me.

The moral of this story is simple: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS!! Then, at least, you'll have everything to put on another computer. And it's really sad when you feel can't trust anyone...b/c that's what got us into this in the first place. Someone took advantage of our trust and our loyalty. I can pretty much promise that it won't happen again.

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Rachel said...

That seriuosly SUCKS Jen!! HUGS chick!