Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wow, What Has Been Going On...?

It seems like FOREVER since I've been able to get on here! And it's oh so sad that this is my first post for 2009 and it's almost the end of February. But my life has been pretty crazy the last couple of months, and on top of that my poor laptop bit the dust. The motherboard kicked the bucket, so I've been dealing with using other people's computers when I get the chance. Sooo, having explained that much, here's what's been going on...

Seth still has not been able to find a steady job which really sucks. But we're hanging in there, and he's doing what he can and little jobs keep popping up, so we're thankful for those while the hunt continues. And we decided months ago that our tax refund was going towards remodeling our house. We decided to stay with that plan, even though he's not working, because what better time for him to do that work than when a job isn't there to interfere. So for the past 2 weeks, we've been living at my dad and step mom's condo with them while he works on it. And if you've never seen the inside of my house, there's a reason why that is ;) It was my grandmother's house before it became ours, and it was really outdated. So as soon as it is finished, I will be tossing out invitations to come over! :) It's really coming together, and there's not much more to finish, but we're still looking at probably another week here because he got a painting job that will take up about 3 days, and we need that money. But it's been great getting to spend time with my parents, and the kids have loved it as well.

Work has been keeping me very busy as well. I just got done planning my 2nd meet this past weekend, and it was awesome! Brooklyn competed and did amazing as well, so we're super proud of her. I've got quite a few more events coming up in the next few months, so pray for my sanity :) I've also got my yearly review coming up on Monday, so my fingers are crossed on that as well. It's hard to believe that in March I will have been there for 3 years already!

On a sad note, almost 2 weeks ago my grandmother passed away. It was a blessing because she was in pain and her poor little body just couldn't take it anymore. But I was in the room, with lots of other family, when she passed, and it was incredibly emotional and heart wrenching. It was even harder to tell the kids the next day because I had gone up to the hospital that night to give her cards that they had made for her. It broke Brooklyn's heart, and she cried and cried. Wil is still a little young to totally grasp the concept yet, though, so it didn't really bother him. But it helped being here with my parents when it happened. And today Brooklyn and I made some chocolate chip cookies for Papa and took them over so we could visit for awhile. Bless his heart, he's been going to the cemetery everyday, but he's hanging in there.

I think the worst part about not having a computer is that I feel so disconnected from everyone. I guess it's sad when we depend on technology to keep in touch with one another, but that's just the way the world is these days. I try to text or call people, but everyone has their own lives too, and it's just hard. It's much easier to just leave a comment on myspace or facebook, and let people get back to you when it's convenient for them. But not having a computer puts a damper on that. So to all of you, I miss ya and hope things are going well for you. You're in my thoughts and I love you :) And if you want to do lunch or get some coffee, send me a text! And if you're ever totally bored, call me...if I don't answer, it's probably because I'm at work, but I'll call back :) So there's my desperate plea for communication...I'll leave ya on that note ;)