Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I lay here with my eyes closed, and a soft breeze whispers across my skin. I lay here thinking of you; the past, the present, and even the future. I see how far we have come, and yet we have so much further to go. The milestones, and even the obstacles, stretch before us. They sit there waiting for us to come to them; to pass them and leave them in our wake. But only to leave countless ones still on the horizon, still waiting patiently for us. And all we can do is continue on in hopes of finding peace and hope.

In the past there is pain and hurt. It has been caused by us all, and can never be undone. It will always be waiting in the shadows, hoping for one of us to bring one of them back into the light and use them against each other. Pettiness and greed, feelings forgotten and discarded. The sadness can be overwhelming, but only if we let it. In the corner of that place, there is also hope and forgiveness. A longing to move on and to forget. But they say that we can never forget. We can only hope to forgive and move past it.

There is also love and happiness resting in the past. Smiles shining brightly, attempting to overcome and erase the pain. Those are the milestones that keep us going, reminding us that there is more than anger and tears. There is love that runs deeply and passionately, rolling over us and giving us hope and faith in each other.

The present is a mixture of both trials and joy. While it seems that there is always grief and heartache, there is also excitement and contentment. When that one door closes, we are promised another one to be opened. But you have to be willing to let it open for you. You need an open heart and mind, a willingness to put one foot in front of the other, even with the darkness trying to close it in your face. Fall to your knees; allow the goodness to overcome the evil.

The future waits for us, untold and wondering. I’ll take your hand and hold it. I’ll give you the strength that you need, but I need yours in return. Alone we are only half of the force we could be. Together we can conquer all. We can pass by those obstacles and only visit the milestones. We can leave the blame and hurt feelings behind. We can focus on the love and trust we share together. We can find that happiness that no one believes exists anymore.

So as I lay here with my eyes closed, knowing that there are things to come, I smile. The breeze flutters once more, reminding me of reality and that I am never truly alone. My heart is full and beating quickly in anticipation. Just know that together, anything is possible. We defy the odds that others gave us.